By considering the fact that the unemployment ratio is increasing day by day in the UK and it does not look to end in the nearby days. The Britons have to look or depend upon the external sources to run their finances without any hassle. However, the loan companies here definitely provide those sources through their wide range of the loan deals. The direct lenders in particular are showing much interest by bringing the apt loan offers that can suit the requirements of any unemployed here.

The unemployed loans from First Choice Finance (FCF) are the perfect example of it where the flexible lending policies are prevailing to provide the maximum benefit of the loans. The direct lender has brought something unique for the jobless Britons where they can apply for the loans without worrying about their income status or credit score status.

Availing these loans should not be hectic because the lender accepts only the online applications, which means borrowers can have the advantage of applying for the loans by sitting at their home or office. The general features that the company is providing to its borrowers are:

  • Loans are available for each permanent resident of the UK, who is above 18 years of age;
  • Only the online loan applications are accepted with no paperwork required;
  • With no availability of full time employment, applications are accepted based on part time income or any other steady income like the rent;
  • Transfer of funds does not take too much of time and sometimes, it happens on the same day of application submitted;
  • FCF follows the ‘no credit check’ policy that means unemployed with low credit scores are also eligible.

Let’s discuss in detailed manner

First Choice Finance brings several kinds of benefits for the borrower, which we have already discussed above. Now it is the turn of their outcomes.

Easy Arrangement of emergency funding

Yes when the lender is accepting only the online loan applications, the solution for the financial emergency becomes a lot easier. The emergency money for unemployed allow them to fulfil their most urgent requirements such as utility bills, paying rent, university fees of the children and many more.

Borrowers just need to submit a small and straightforward application form on the lender’s website and the desired money will be transferred into their bank account within few hours. Thus, there is no need of worrying too much of unexpected financial trouble.

Exemptions despite bad credit score

Another advantage that the direct lender is providing to the borrowers is the exemptions on the basis of bad credit. Initially, such low credit score was the reason of rejecting the loan applications but now it has become a means of getting the specialised deals like loans for unemployed with bad credit and no guarantor.

These sorts of loans are available for the small amount or something around £5000 depending upon the borrowers’ repayment capacity. Providing the guarantor is also not there and it means the borrowers have an ideal time to seek help through external funding sources. The interest rates might be on the higher side but since the lender has assumed the flexible policies.

Now it’s time to wrap it up…

First Choice Finance is just like another direct lender in the UK but it has made it marks only because of personalised deals on the unemployed loans. Many Britons have tried these deals and their feedbacks have been the positive ones. All depends upon you, whether you wait for the opportunity to come or just be active to grab the given opportunity.