Unemployment is a global issue that has been hot topic for the discussion in social, political and business circles. Everyone irrespective to profession or status is affected with unemployment rate in one way or other. The unemployment conditions in the UK are improving fast for over couple of years despite the not organizations good economy especially after the Brexit agreement. Still, the high demand of loans for unemployed forces us to have a peep into reasons.

Short-Term Guaranteed Loans – Power To Manage Unemployed: 

Short-Term-Guaranteed-LoansThe unemployment level in the UK reflects the economic conditions because the performance of business sectors and other Govt. sectors providing employment affects the nation’s growth. The employment rate affects almost 80% of GDP growth of a nation.  Certainly, Britain’s economy was not fairly good in 1st Q – 2018. Several economists have the common opinion that the extreme weather conditions were the one among several other uncontrollable reasons. The GDP improved with improvement in local weather conditions; however, it is still lower than that in previous years. The gross national income per capita has been low than it should be according to overall growth rate. It indicates that employed are not earning in proportion to income growth of the UK. The rising inflammation rate has increased the living cost considerably; for many, it has become unmanageable to live with same standards at which they were living until the few years back. Cutting down the once developed monthly living expenses is almost impossible for the majority of households; the trend empowers the demand of unemployed loans.

Direct Lenders – The Preferred Choice For Unemployed Loan:

The recent regulations imposed by FCA over mainstream banks and financial agencies have made borrowing more than ever before a tough task especially if the borrower has poor credit score. To avail no credit check loan from a regular Govt. financial agency is impossible due to FCA’ directions for confirming the borrowers repayment capability; and,  credit score is the most used statistics to judge the repayment performance for borrower. For how many months, can you sustain the good credit score during unemployment period?  Can a mainstream bank or Govt. financial institution lend even a small amount to bad credit unemployed borrower? The experienced unemployed borrowers know better why they turned to direct lenders despite knowing that they will have the pay higher APR. The transparency, quick processing, friendly support, flexibility, and variety of loans are the key aspects that make direct lending agencies a preferred choice of unemployed with poor credit score.

Multidimensional Use of Unemployed Loans:

According to a made public by ‘Resolution Foundation’, “The average earning of UK people is expected to be lower even than that during global economic crisis (2008) until 2025.” Irrespective to professional level, the uncertainties will remain there keeping you busy in searching the new job opportunities.  Unexpected job cutting will become more common development in more business sectors; therefore, every employee will have to do more to keep the existing job safe or to get better job. Unemployed loans are not meant just to pay the monthly utility bills or rents; these are also good to enhance the credibility, qualification, expertise and professional competence. The borrowing during unemployment period can also be used to maintain the credit score level unaffected. The optimum use of loan amount for the justified purpose helps to pay the cost without feeling the heat of APR. The unemployed loan, if used wisely with multidimensional focus on needs and prospects, is a great financial help to keep you stress free and more focused on searching a job of choice.

The Concluding Note:

The guaranteed short – term loans for unemployed by the UK direct lenders help the unemployed people in great way because of being affordable and multidimensional financial assistance. This financial help should be used only for the short-term. No guarantor- no credit check- instant decision guaranteed loans for unemployed are available only at few FCA regulated direct lending agencies; therefore, select the lender as a smart borrower not as a helpless forced borrower.